Dengue Red Alert


Mosquitoes breeding ground multiplies with intermittent rain. And when that happens, people will be at risk of getting dengue fever. This is exactly the case in Coimbatore. The Department of Public Health in Coimbatore has already issued a red flag after the recent heavy rain that took place in the district. But they said there is still no need to worry too much. The red alert was done only to raise awareness and ask people in the are to be extra careful and take precautions. “The red alert is only a warning to be careful. There is nothing to fear as active dengue control and prevention methods in Coimbatore has yielded successful results with zero percent mortality in dengue cases,” this was the statement of Dr.R Dhamodaran from the department of health. There has already been a total of 406 reported cases of dengue last year but no deaths. Whenever a case was reported, a team with medical personnel visits the area and carries out fogging. They take this matter quite seriously and make sure to do all they can to prevent it from happening.

Doing It Right


Phuket is clearly doing it right. In a battle to raise awareness about the deadly disease dengue, the students of Tessaban Baan Samkong school beat the drum and marched to the streets of Phuket. The kids were holding signs that states how to prevent the disease. Though the record of dengue cases rose from 225 to 344 this 2012, there was only one death this year compared to two people last year. Chief of Phuket public health Doctor Bancha Kakong approved of the public march. She said that Phuket is trying very hard to fend off dengue. It is always helpful to raise more awareness to get the people to always be extra careful.

People are encouraged to always clean their houses. The local council also regularly sprays for mosquitoes. It is also helpful if people use repellent lotion or sprays all the time. It’s also advised that if a person has fever, it is much better to go see a doctor than buy medicine at the pharmacy.



Dengue Cases Are Underestimated

In some really shocking news, it was said that the scientist have underestimated the cases of dengue that hit people each year. There are more than 400 million cases of dengue but the reports only show one fourth of that number.

Dengue fever is widespread and popular in tropical countries but it seems like it is also beginning to invade countries like Russia, USA and Portugal. This is why the statistics have doubled over time. This is why the real numbers should be released to let people know that there is a cause for worry. Dengue fever is a disease that can be fatal, it should be taken seriously. People should be educated about it and taught of different ways to avoid it.

Dengue is now also popular in overcrowded cities in developing countries which mean that there’s a higher risks of more people getting infected with the virus. If more people are aware of the severity of the situation then work can be done to avoid it.

Miss America 2011 Has Dengue

The stunning Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan planned to attend the Miss America Pageant 2013 in Las Vegas but had to cancel last minute because she unfortunately caught the dengue fever. The 19 year old beauty queen contracted the disease while spending time in Haiti over the Christmas holidays for her volunteer work at an orphanage. The youngest to win the Miss America crown in more than 70 years said that an hour before she was to go to the airport to fly for the pageant that she was helping to host, she went to Urgent Care and found out she has dengue.

Dengue fever is a virus caused by Aeden infected mosquitoes. It is transmitted to humans after getting bitten. Up to this day, there is no specific treatment for it but a full recovery is possible. It can last from 2 to 7 days and the patient is expected to suffer with high fever, headache, pain behind the eyes, and muscle pains.