Doing It Right


Phuket is clearly doing it right. In a battle to raise awareness about the deadly disease dengue, the students of Tessaban Baan Samkong school beat the drum and marched to the streets of Phuket. The kids were holding signs that states how to prevent the disease. Though the record of dengue cases rose from 225 to 344 this 2012, there was only one death this year compared to two people last year. Chief of Phuket public health Doctor Bancha Kakong approved of the public march. She said that Phuket is trying very hard to fend off dengue. It is always helpful to raise more awareness to get the people to always be extra careful.

People are encouraged to always clean their houses. The local council also regularly sprays for mosquitoes. It is also helpful if people use repellent lotion or sprays all the time. It’s also advised that if a person has fever, it is much better to go see a doctor than buy medicine at the pharmacy.