Fight Dengue: Clean your Surroundings

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Dengue is one of the most burdening diseases that continuously and intensely needs research to help prevent or at least minimize the cases of dengue patients or victims. From the youngest to the oldest, dengue is not choosing its victims. The following are few helpful and basic tips that anyone can apply in their daily activities to prevent dengue breakout.

Clean surroundings. Cleaning your area including possible hideouts of mosquitoes is vital as this will help minimize the percentage of dengue cases in your area. Stagnant water is just one of many examples that these misquotes thrive in to multiply.

Fog if needed. Fogging is not necessary if there is no or minimal indication of mosquitoes present in the area. There is a protocol before fogging is required. However, this is one of the best alternatives to prevent the spread of dengue.

If you think you have dengue, visit your nearest doctor and have your check-up right away. You may also want to consider natural alternatives like Tawa-Tawa which is known to be effective.

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