Advancement on Distinguishing Malaria and Dengue


Dengue has been a controversial topic from way back and until present. The study on it is constant, which is why scientists, doctors and the government is looking into this matter seriously. It has killed a number of both children and adult, and will continue to infiltrate if the cause is not prevented.

Today, with the help of our latest technology. There are innovative ways on how dengue, if not treated, prevented. One way to discover or decipher malaria and dengue is through the advancement of a software that was put up by doctors in India. This was possibly made because of the difficulty of distinguishing malaria from dengue. The research was led by Manorama Bhargava, chairperson, department of hematology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. The software will prevent unnecessary intake of antibiotics. This will save a lot of money, time and effort in both the doctor and the patient’s side.

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